Here's the Model 2900 in actual production.



The Comtec® 2900 Automated Pie And Tart Crust Press forms uniform, scrapless crusts in pans for pies, tarts, and hors d’oeuvres 1.5 to 10 inches (3.8 cm to 25 cm) in diameter. Up to 800 pressings an hour are possible of two 6 inch through 10 inch diameter shells, or four 2 inch through 5 inch diameter shells.

 The 2900 has the durability, reliability, and adaptability Comtec® machines are renowned for, plus:

-Digital temperature control

-Computer monitored performance

-Easily changeable dies for the production of new items

-Easily programmable performance settings

-Savable production settings, customized for each product

-Production data tracking.

-The Model 2900 can be hand or belt conveyor fed.

Makes consistent crust in a pan, exactly to size. No dusting flour is used, no special skill or strength required, no special formula, AND NO SCRAP DOUGH TO RECOVER.

Forming dies are available for domestic and imported pans of any manufacture, and are interchangeable on the Press. The solid aluminum dies are water immersible for cleaning. The die heating system is part of the Press, not the die.

Perfect crust for pie, tart, cheesecake, Quiche Lorraine, hors d'oeuvres, entree', pot pie and many more specialty items are at your fingertips with the Comtec Press. The simple design, rugged construction and easy operation of the Press assures you of day-to-day profitable, trouble-free production.

MODEL 2900 Spec Sheet (click here)

Model 2900: Specifications
Operating Speed -  up to 800 pressings per hour
Dimensions -  Overall length: 45" (114 cm),  width:73” (185 cm), height:  53” (135 cm) 
Weight -  TBD lbs. (TBD kg)
Electrical requirements -  240 volt, 50/60 cycle, 3 phase AC

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